Director General’s Message

The importance of Israel-Gulf countries’ relations has become a vital source of stability in the wider region. With the US, EU and Iran’s diplomatic stalemate over the nuclear issue, the sociopolitical impact has severely undermined the ongoing process of normalization of relations between Israel and the Muslim world. In South Asia, Afghan crisis has further complicated a comprehensive regional policy for a relatively enhanced role of Gulf countries. Cultivation of relations in these regions beyond the official circles has become urgent and important for achieving the strategic interests of the Abraham Accords.

The UAE has been a top economic, political, and strategic hub of the wider middle east and West Asia region under the visionary leadership of Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. By taking lead in establishing diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, the UAE has laid the foundation to create opportunities to establish a peaceful and progressive Gulf region.

The Centre bridges the gap through establishing course of empirical/evidence-based analysis & assessments of what is/may/will be requiring to positively project the importance and practical gains of the Abraham Accords.

Muhammad Athar Javed

Director General, Abraham Centre for Peace